Mai 28, 2024

Local-first software: you own your data, in spite of the cloud

Auto Tacho

No one would say that a startup set up in rural Lincoln, NY, or the closest dorm in the University of Phoenix can be considered a hit by Luddites. Nor would they say you get premium security by not sharing (or losing) data with the cloud.

But some beta users of Homesecurity say the all-in-one solution fits the bill.

Lonjana Hezzie, a twenty-two year old software engineer from Lincoln said she was amazed by the security features built into Homesecurity and the efficiency of the store-based network:

Not only do I have “wall-of-room” options where I can save important data to a cloud-based system like I have with Home Security, but I’m also able to encrypt my videos. This saved my rent money, as there were prior windows during surveillance.

Mike Michelli is a veteran of Home Security who was also impressed by the security feature. He said “lots of my sensitive data is stored with our data-sharing network and I can choose which of those protected to be available for viewing.”

To a certain extent, that sounds like a class act. But my 15 year old daughter is terrified of doing all kinds of crazy things and her laptop sits under her bed (honestly, even though she has it hidden, there’s one or two of her favorite films on it).

Homesecurity doesn’t have great use of its price point. And because it is part of the company’s subscription plan, which is $55 a month with no annual fee, it has been avoiding the headlines. But the findings of the early adopters in Kansas City demonstrate that your data is not protected by the cloud. The difference isn’t really that subtle.

According to a press release, Home Security is designed to provide data on particular devices through the use of encryption, biometrics, and mobile apps. It is easy to use and it is available for Windows and Linux.

Thema: Local-first software: you own your data, in spite of the cloud!